How to Use Coupon Code to Shop Software Online

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Coupon code and also knows as coupon discount is small code for shopping purpose. It important code for users/customer who want to shop online, because using the code you can get lower price than the normal price. Using coupon when buying a software especially from our website, you can get 10% up to 80% discount.

On this website, there’s three methods to use coupon code to shop online. The first method is popular choice to redeem coupons. Here the three methods to buy software with coupon.

How to Use Coupon Code to Shop Online

A. First Method, Using Special Generated Link

Many vendors offer special link when new comes out. The link us like ABBYY PDF Transformer promo. To redeem the coupons is ease. Just click “Buy now!” button or “Click here to buy!” link. The coupon usually embedded on the deals links.

The generated link is popular method offered by it vendor for their user or customer. You can shop without bothered to enter a coupon code.

B. Second Method: Redeem coupon using special Form

It also another popular method to redeem coupon on the online shopping. The vendor usually provides special form to enter coupon. Like on the Bitdefender Total Security promo, you can add the coupon from its vendor on the shopping cart to get discount.

You can use this method if found coupon code from third party website. After entering the code, you can view how much the discount received if the code valid.

C. Third Method: Add coupon code on address bar

It hard methods especially for novice. It last alternative if there no special link or there no form to apply the coupon code. You apply the to shopping link directly. For example;

The example shopping link: https://onlineshopurl/buy?checkout=1

Add “coupon=your_coupon_code” to apply coupon directly on the shopping link. Here the shopping link with coupon code applied

New link: https://onlineshopurl/buy?checkout=1&coupon=your_coupon_code

You can select one of the methods above to shop online. But on our web, just requires one click to redeem coupon. Almost all deals with discount or coupon embedded.

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